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White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce posts January Slide photos to Facebook

White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce posts January Slide photos to Facebook

WHITEHALL, Mich. - The White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce has posted photos of January Slide 2011 to their Facebook page.

The photos highlight the event's great turn out and include the smiling faces of dozens of excited children.

Click Here to visit the photo album.

Pumpkins to roll in downtown Montague

(From the White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce)

Montague, Michigan - When the “ready-set-go” volunteers holler “ready-set-go,” veteran pumpkin rollers get ready to unleash a pack of rolling pumpkins down the Dowling Street Hill in downtown Montague, Michigan.  This quiet West Michigan town comes to life on the second Saturday of October when hundreds of residents and visitors wait in line to roll a small orange gourd down this mid-town hill.

For years, the Montague residents have told stories of late night ‘rollings’ when youngsters raced to outwit authorities by sending pumpkins off the back of pick-up trucks. Now, the ROLL is sanctioned and ribbons and buttons are awarded to the winners of each heat!!

MAPS - Do Parents Make a Difference?

By: Dave Sipka, Superintendent of Montague Area Public Schools
From: http://www.montague.k12.mi.us

Quite often I’m asked whether parents make a difference in a child’s education once they begin school. The person who asks that question usually has to sit through my hour-long sermon on the importance of good parenting and the role parents play in a child’s educational success.

Parents, grandparents and other family members are a child’s first teachers. Scientific and medical studies have shown that the first years of a child’s life, when parents are the primary role models, are the most important in brain development. While the first years of a child’s life play a vital role in later success in life, so does parental involvement during the school years. Children need to know that what they do in school and how well they do are both important to their parents and other family members.