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Community suffers loss of Michillinda Lodge | News

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Community suffers loss of Michillinda Lodge

WHITEHALL, Mich. (WZZM) - More than 40 fire trucks battled a fire at the Michilinda Beach Lodge in Whitehall for several hours Sunday morning.

Fire crews responded to a call about a heater fire in one of the buildings at the Lakeshore lodge around 4:30 Sunday morning. After trying to tackle the flames from inside the lodge, the fire spread upward and engulfed the ceiling, forcing crews to take defensive positioning outside the building. They then called for more resources. All but two Muskegon County fire teams were on the scene.

The lodge is closed for the winter, but five Michillinda Beach Lodge employees were inside the building when the fire caught. None of them were hurt.

Fire crews had a difficult time fighting this fire in particular because of its location. There are no hydrants in the area. Crews were forced to draw water from the surrounding lakes.

The lodge is located at 5207 Scenic Drive in Whitehall.

As of 8:00 a.m. crews had the fire under control.

Dozens of people from the neighborhood were on the grounds as fire crews worked to contain the fire. The Michillinda Beach Lodge has a long history in the area. Residents say the destruction is devastating to the community.

The building involved is insured. There is no word yet on plans to rebuild.